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News Release

Robin Walton is making her mark on the beauty industry

Robin Walton is the President and CEO of Nestal Cosmetics®, based in Gary, IN. Her company's motto is OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IS YOUR BEAUTY!® I interviewed Robin to find out how she went from the corporate world to successfully owning her own cosmetics line. Read on to find out the most common mistake that new entrepreneurs make when starting their business.

Tell us about your career path - how did you end up the owner of Nestal Cosmetics®?

I worked for over 14 years at a public utility company where I held several different positions. I started as a mail clerk, switchboard operator, cash clerk, customer service processing clerk and customer service representative. In these positions I had plenty of contact with the corporate world as well as the everyday consumer. In 2000 this utility company was sold and my job along with others were lost.
In 1997 a dear friend of mine who is a doctor of neurology started her own cosmetic line, it was called Infinite Shades. I went into partnership with her and held the title of Vice-President of Procurement. That cosmetic line was discontinued somewhere around 2002.

What inspired you to go into the beauty industry?

After the end of my partnership with Infinite Shades, shopping for make-up for myself became a chore.  I was never satisfied with any of the other products I tried.

After talking with my family and asking God what to do, the vision came to me clearly that I could start my own cosmetics company.  I came up with the name Nestal Cosmetics®, based on my name in relationship with the robin bird in a nest.

Tell readers a little bit about Nestal Cometics® and the kinds of products you offer?

I offer a top quality product at a reasonable price.  My products are geared toward a teenager's first experience with make-up to the well-seasoned woman. I want to enhance your beauty, but at the same time make you look as natural as possible.

When you started your business, how important was having a business plan?

It was very important to me to have a business plan, because I needed to know where I was going, how far I could go, and something that could expand my company for future ventures.

What is the most common mistake that new entrepreneurs make?

The most common mistake to me that a new entrepreneur makes is a lack of patience.  People tend to think they will make money right away and lose hope when they don't.  I say stay in constant prayer with God, be around positive people, and keep your mind open to new ideas.

Story by Denene Brox